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Create proactive policies before issues exists. 

  1. Rezone the Old Town, historic areas.

  2. Add Contextual Zoning to regulate set backs, lot size and building height.

Focus on Forward Planning

Data Collection

  • An Economic Impact Study:  Determine the economic impact of tourism in NOTL to build a case for Provincial funding for infrastructure;  bicycle lanes and operational shortfalls.                                                     The Town is NOT getting its fair share of funding compared to other Niagara communities

Finalize Plans To Protect and Preserve Our Waterfront

Work With Local Developers to Build What the Community Needs. 

  • Seniors residences, rental apartments, walkable communities 

  • Educational and recreational facilities for young people and families, specifically in Glendale and Virgil. 

  • Preservation of institutional zoning

Finalize New Short Term Rental Bylaw – to protect neighbourhoods from STR offenders 

Prioritizing The
Big Issues

Protect community, heritage character, and streetscapes


Address road safety - bicycle lanes, traffic solutions at Concession 6 and York Rd, rural roads


Tourism Strategy, bring residents and business to the table to create a sustainable economic future for the community and while being a wonderful place to live


Innovative ideas to tackle traffic on Hwy #55 and parking issues – Ex. Shuttle tourists from parking lots in Virgil and Glendale


Protect agricultural land and farming families so they can continue to be sustainable – streamline planning applications

Financial Sustainability

Address financial shortfalls in capital and reserve funding for well needed infrastructure projects to avoid large tax increases ​​

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